versatile and scalable array of tests

aiHealth has been designed with careful consideration of all your diagnostic needs. we have integrated, in a single instrument, many essential diagnostic parameters to assist you in timely diagnosis. The list will expand as we add more parameters.


Height, weight, BMI, Blood Pressure, 12 Lead ECG, Pulse Oximetry, Temperature

Biochemistry & Haematology

Glucose, Haemoglobin, Cholesterol, Uric Acid, WBC Differential Count, HbA1c & Lipid Profile

Infectious Diseases

Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, Typhoid, Syphilis, HIV, HepB, HepC, Leptospirosis

Urine Parameters

Protein, Sugar, Pregnancy

Cardiac & Inflammation Markers:

Cardiac Markers - Troponin I, D-Dimer inflammation markers - CRP and Procalcitonin

Expanding Portfolio of tests

aiHEALTH has a road map to offer up to 75 parameters - stethoscope, Drugs of Abuse testing, Cancer Markers, 10 Parameter Urine, expanded portfolio of infectious diseases.

what are the


Our vision is to transform healthcare delivery and make diagnosis simple and hassle-free. Despite advancements in medicine and diagnostic technology, there is a lack of quality tools to aid diagnosis in many clinical settings. We aim to enable timely, patient-centric interventions that protect health, save time, and reduce the cost of healthcare.







You have to know before
start using aiHEALTH

Only blood and urine samples are required to conduct tests and blood samples are taken with the help of lancet finger prick method.

The different test requires different units. However, mostly they range from 1-3 blood drops only.

All tests done by aiHEALTH are classified into three categories:
• Probe-based tests like Blood pressure, Pulse Oximetry, Body Temperature
• Strip-based tests like Blood Glucose, Blood Uric Acid, Blood Cholesterol, Blood Haemoglobin, Urine test
• Rapid Diagnostics tests like Dengue, Malaria, Typhoid, Troponin I, Pregnancy

Yes, we aim to integrate more and more advanced tests in aiHEALTH and ensuring easier procedures. Our Research and development teams are constantly working towards enlarging the kitty further.


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